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Coffee beans

Our Coffee

Unwind and relax with one of our freshly brewed coffees.
We ONLY use high quality, freshly ground beans (we also only use the best finely ground, rich Belgian chocolate in our mochas & hot chocolates!)

We created our own unique house blend using beans from Dark Woods Coffee's core range - "Deer Hill" & "Crow Tree".
We chose to use Crow Tree in our blend because every purchase helps towards funding THE CAFÉ FEMENINO PROJECT

This ground-breaking organisation supports women farmers & producers in what can be a challenging & male dominated industry. They are committed to ending the cycle of poverty affecting female coffee farmers across the globe.

  • SAVE MONEY for 40p OFF Just ditch the dairy in your hot drinks and use one of our plant based m*lks instead. [Oat/(gf)Oat/Coconut/Soya] *oat served as standard in our hot chocolates.

  • TAKE OUT available in ECO FRIENDLY cups.

  • In hospitality or starting work on nights? We've got you! Hot drinks are available until 8:30pm Mon-Wed & 9:30pm Fri&Sat. 

About our Coffee: Our Coffee
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